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Tyra Lundgren ( 1897-1979),                the Swedish designer worked in ceramics, glass and cloth mainly in Stockholm, Paris, Helsinki,Venice and Rome. She designed glass for Riihimki, Kosta, Venini. Her main interest was the modelling of birds, leafs and fishes in ceramic and glass as well. With Venini she worked 1936-1939Under heading, 1948-1950.

Other Glass objects:                  Under heading of this category we summerize all the glass of the Muranese glass furnaces which produce design glasses. Most of these companies cooperate with renowned artist or designers, who have often their own manufacture company like Barovier, Archimede Seguso etc. Under this category we place also works of Venini out of our main interest.

Fulvio Bianconi (1915-1996),  .........worked as freelance artist in many different fields like painting, radio, newspapers and caricaturist. He worked together with various glass companies in Venice but also in Hergiswill (Switzerland) and in his own Studio in Milan from 1971.       Our main interest are his works for Venini  1946-1958, 1967-1992 and at Hergiswill 1979-1982

img5.gifMurrines of Venini                          were designed by different artist. the most famous objects are from Carlo Scarpa, Paolo Venini, Ludovico Diaz de Santillana and Tobia Scarpa. But also Riccardo Liccata used these murrines for his doppio incalmo pieces. Even Fulvio Bianconi designed several murrines, the most famous are the pezzatos which are also pieces of glass which are melted together.



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